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What's your favorite statement earring?

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Colored beads, anyone? We've got you covered with our beaded earrings, all crafted from recycled glass. Although the material sounds heavy, these earrings remain exceptionally light. Explore our various designs using recycled glass beads - let us introduce you to the stunning variations we offer!

The Nomad

Introducing "The Nomad" beaded earrings! These elegant drops gracefully frame your face, complementing its shape flawlessly. The Nomad features a unique blend of three different colored beads, adding a touch of vibrancy to your style.

Our hardware features a brass pin, plated with gold, keeping this beaded earring lightweight and comfortable throughout wear. Elevate your look with the distinctive charm of The Nomad.

The Adventurer and The Explorer

Meet our adorable, beaded star-shaped earrings, the smallest gems in our collection. Each one boasts a unique star design, with slight variations for a touch of individuality. These beaded star-shaped earrings showcase a vibrant array of colors, featuring 2 to 5 different hues of recycled glass beads per design.

These earrings are for pierces ears and have a pin, the pins aren't glued onto the beads but delicately attached using sewing thread, ensuring both charm and durability. Add a playful twinkle to your style with these petite and stylish star-shaped beaded earrings.

The (Great) Wanderer

Behold our coral-inspired dancing beaded earring! Crafted with recycled glass beads in an array of vibrant colors, these statement earrings are a true spectacle. The color variations are dazzling, ranging from 1 to 5 different hues in a single design. The hook, made from stainless steel and finished with an anti-allergic coating, ensures both style and comfort. And if you're looking for something a tad larger, meet the big sister—a beauty adorned with even more recycled glass beads to make a bold statement.

The Seeker

Introducing the newest addition to our collection – a stunning beaded earring fashioned in the shape of a flower. Available in various colors, each design features a single vibrant hue. Utilizing a pin for attachment, these flower beaded earrings ensure a secure hold without the use of glue, thanks to our careful sewing thread technique. Elevate any outfit with the timeless beauty of these floral-shaped beaded earrings.


We have a variation of earrings that are all knotted into shape with a special macramé technique. The yarns used on these earrings are made from polyester, this is because this material is the only one that makes it possible to finish the knotting without seeing it and to get the vibrant color, we all love so much. Let us introduce the designs to you.


Explore our unique collection of knotted earrings, each thoroughly crafted by hand using a special macramé technique. These statement earrings are skillfully knotted into shape, by hand, showcasing the artistry of our craftsmanship. We use high-quality polyester yarns to ensure a seamless finish, allowing for finished earrings without visible knots. Additionally, the polyester yarn is essential to show these vibrant colors. No other material matches its capability of showing these vivid hues and its ability to maintain and preserve that vibrancy over time, ensuring your earrings stay as stunning as the day you got them. Let us introduce you to the enchanting designs that bring together the beauty of knotting and the vibrant colors we all adore.

The Voyager

Introducing "The Voyager" – a beloved favorite among our statement earrings! Each design showcases a single color, and with a total of 6 vibrant variations, there's something for every style. As our largest statement earring, "The Voyager" boasts a captivating mix of metals, adding an extra layer of color to its design. The round brass hardware is plated with gold, featuring a secure pin for easy wear. The distinctive spiral in the middle is crafted from bronze, maintaining its natural hue without any plating. Elevate your style with the bold and eclectic beauty of "The Voyager" statement earring.

The Pioneer

Meet "The Pioneer," a delightful variation inspired by the beloved Voyager you read about earlier. The difference is a larger circle hardware pin and a dynamic 2-color yarn variation per design. The same materials are used; embracing a brass pin plated with gold, the knotted design surrounds the same size captivating bronze spiral. The interplay of these two metals introduces an extra layer of gold variation, taking this design to new heights of elegance. Explore the unique charm of "The Pioneer" and make a bold statement with every wear.

The (Great) Vagabond

Presenting "The Vagabond," a captivating statement earring that embraces the artful macramé technique, gracefully encircling a gold-plated hardware ring secured with a pin. Bursting with a delightful array of 4 colors in each design, "The Vagabond" offers a myriad of variations to match your unique style. For those seeking a grander presence, meet its big sister, "The Great Vagabond." While the hardware remains consistent, the statement earring's knotted body boasts a slightly larger size, enhancing the charm of this enchanting design. Delve into the beauty and versatility of "The Vagabond" collection.

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