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Check out our amazing jewellery boxes, especially designed to protect and care for your vibrant TOAIE jewels!


All of them are made from FSC paper mix and water-based glue. They are all coming with the FSC certification stamp, which guarantees that there is no more wood cut down than the forest can reproduce. This creates a better protection of the animal- and plant life! And it doesn’t stop there; all the foresters have proper training, appropriate safety equipment and a decent wage.


At Toaie we believe every little step to a better life counts, so that is why we chose this box. Normally a jewellery box contains a little square piece of foam for your precious jewellery to lay on, but we chose paper with a velvet layer instead. This paper does the same job of providing a nice little bed for your extraordinary jewellery, but in a more sustainable fashion. Look for the little flap on the inside of the jewellery box, pull on it and you can easily take out your TOAIE jewellery.


The boxes are all produced and shipped from within Europe.


Just like our jewellery boxes, the shipping boxes too, are made from FSC paper mix and these don’t even use any glue! When they come in, they are completely flat. After you place your order, we become the most experienced origami masters and fold them with the greatest care into the best protection for your order. We finish them off with a lovely Toaie sticker, to prevent your treasure box from opening up during shipment.


The shipping boxes are coming from the same guys that produce our lovely jewellery boxes, not only do we have a good relationship with them, they are producing in Denmark. Making the journey towards Amsterdam so much closer. We try to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. And the beauty of it all is that we can combine the shipment of shipping- and jewellery boxes together, making it less shipments to come our way.


On the inside of your shippingbox you can find a little text, firstly a little thank you to you for your trust in us, next to that some ideas on what do to with your box after receipt. We always recommend to re-use this box, for example by using it as your own shipping box or turning it into gift wrapping.


We are curious about your own creative solutions on how to

re-use this box, so please share it with us on Instagram: #toaie_

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