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We can finally introduce you to the real superstars behind TOAIE!

Last February we got to visit the amazing women who are making our vibrant jewelry by hand.

This is your chance to get to know them as well! Press play and meet Ady, Luz Maria, Esperanza, Olga, Denis & Sandra!*

*Enter full screen for better experience


The craft that is used for our unique colorful jewelry is a specialty mastered by artisans from Colombia.  Each piece of our lightweight jewelry is handmade with the greatest care and passion, by teams of Colombian artisans, guided by the expertise of Ady & Luz Maria. Together with Lara, founder of TOAIE, they collaborate to bring the TOAIE collection to life.


Luz Maria and Ady share a commitment to passing on their craftsmanship skills, primarly to women, enabling them to earn income, while prioritizing their families. Families always come first for these artisans; it’s their primary focus. When they have a bit of free time, they will put their skills to the test and create beautiful lightweight jewelry by hand. This formula allows them to work from home and do the job at their own pace.


All our vibrant jewelry is handmade by Colombian artisans; it takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete a single pair of earrings, such as the Wanderers or the Voyagers. Both earrings are handmade using a different technique. The Voyagers are made from yarn, using a specific knotting technique, similar to macrame. The Wanderers are made with beads, sewn by hand into the right shape.


Each purchase not only adds a unique accessory to your collection but also supports the livelihoods of these talented individuals, preserving and promoting the art of Colombian craftsmanship. The women (and sometimes men) we collaborate with at TOAIE are truly amazing and very special to us. To get to know them and their craftsmanship a bit better, we invite you to watch the mini documentary we’ve created here (or scroll back up).

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