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Take good care of your treasures! You surely know the basics, but let us give you a little bit of in-depth advice.


It is best to keep your jewellery in a safe, dry place and out of direct sunlight. By keeping them in their original branded jewellery box, you will make sure the quality will last much longer. Places with high moisture or high temperature, like the bathroom or next to the radiator, are not very good storage places, even when they are stored safely in their jewellery box.


Be careful with make-up, hair products, perfumes and lotions, it is best to apply them before putting on any jewellery, as some cosmetics can damage the products.


We know you want to look your best at all times, but it is strongly advised not to wear the jewellery when doing physical exercises or intensive labour and when sleeping, this is for your own safety and to protect the jewellery from scratching or changing quality.  


Last, but not least, keep them away from water, this means take them off before taking a shower or a bath. But also when going to the pool, taking a hot-tub or going to the sea, as chemicals such as chlorine can damage the jewellery. And even when you are doing your chores around the house, using harsh chemicals such as bleach, take them off, because these chemicals can cause permanent damage.


We hope you cherish these treasures for a very long time!

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