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Colourful handmade jewellery by artisans from Colombia.

Heavy on the statement, light on the ears.


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Curious what colorful handmade treasures we have for you?

Check them out below!



TOAIE found its heritage in Fries, a language spoken in the Northern part of Holland. It literally means to decorate and that is what we do best. Add the heritage from Colombia too and you have got yourself the spirit of TOAIE.

Each of the pieces in the collection are assembled with great care by the hands of our extraordinary local friends in Colombia. Their beautiful character and love for life breathes through each of these vibrant jewels and with that passion they definitely make them dance.

The days of discomfort are over. Our colourful gems surely are heavy on the statement, but super light on your ears.

Each design is unique and so are our makers. Care to meet them?

Lightweight Statement Earrings

Heavy on the statement, light on the ears!

Shop your favourite earcandy here.


a must-see short film 

We can finally introduce you to the real superstars behind TOAIE! Last February we got to visit the amazing women who are making our vibrant jewelry by hand.

This is your chance to get to know them as well! Press below button and meet Ady, Luz Maria, Esperanza, Olga, Denis & Sandra!


Colorful Beaded Bracelets

No pierced ears? We listened!

Check out these lovely Wanderer Bracelets.



The adventure of exploring and wandering off to unknown places is what this first collection is about. All the earrings in this collection are named after the different type of travellers.


Meet “The Wanderer”, “The Voyager”, “The Vagabond”, “The Adventurer”, “The Explorer” “The Nomad” and “The Pioneer”.

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