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Colourful handmade jewellery by artisans from Colombia.

Heavy on the statement, light on the ears.


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Curious what colorful handmade treasures we have for you?

Check them out below!



TOAIE found its heritage in Fries, a language spoken in the Northern part of Holland. It literally means to embellish and that is what we do best. Add the heritage from Colombia too and you have got yourself the spirit of TOAIE.

Each of the pieces in the collection are assembled with great care by the hands of our extraordinary local friends in Colombia. Their beautiful character and love for life breathes through each of these vibrant jewels and with that passion they definitely make them dance.

The days of discomfort are over. Our colourful gems surely are heavy on the statement, but super light on your ears.

Each design is unique and so are our makers. Care to meet them?

Lightweight Statement Earrings

Heavy on the statement, light on the ears!

Shop your favourite earcandy here.


a must-see short film 

We can finally introduce you to the real superstars behind TOAIE! Last February we got to visit the amazing women who are making our vibrant jewelry by hand.

This is your chance to get to know them as well! Press below button and meet Ady, Luz Maria, Esperanza, Olga, Denis & Sandra!


Colorful Beaded Bracelets

No pierced ears? We listened!

Check out these lovely Wanderer Bracelets.



The adventure of exploring and wandering off to unknown places is what this first collection is about. All the earrings in this collection are named after the different type of travellers.


Meet “The Wanderer”, “The Voyager”, “The Vagabond”, “The Adventurer”, “The Explorer” “The Nomad” and “The Pioneer”.

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Make a statement
with your colorful TOAIE jewelry!

Maybe you are wondering: what does TOAIE mean? It is a word taken from Frysian, it means to "embellish" and that is what we love! The story behind these unique handmade jewelry TOAIE goes beyond Frisia. It all started with the most amazing trip through Colombia. During my travels I met the most amazing women, filled with passion and a great talent for jewelry making. Special women, with a love for craftsmanship and statement jewelry: this is how TOAIE was founded!

Our jewelry stands for joy, beauty and comfort. These eyecatching jewelry items can change your outfit within seconds, without a lot of hassle! With a great choice of colorful earrings, bracelets and necklaces you can add a joyeus twist to your outfit. Our handmade jewelry is made from recycled glass beads or vibrant colorful yarns. These special materials are above all light in weight, so you can fully enjoy your jewelry. Be surprised by our various designs and the exquisit craftsmanship by the most amazing women you will ever meet!

“TOAIE believes that it is not the earring that gives you sparkle, it is you that sets the spark from within.”

Meet the inspiring women behind

the eye-catching jewelry of TOAIE

Who are the makers behind TOAIE? Together with a team of amazing Colombian artisans we put together the jewelry collection, using lots of love and craftsmanship. These artisan jewelry pieces are being made by hand and that is why all of our jewelry is unique in shape. It is the imperfections that make every item so special: it is the human touch that breathes through. Feel their passion and zest for life in our extraordinary jewelry.

Our eyecatchers:

statement earrings for an extraordinary look


The earring collection has a great variety of designs, each telling their own unique story.

With our colorful earrings, we hope to put a smile on your face and of those around you!


Do you recognize that feeling? You want to wear outstanding earrings, but they often feel very heavy.

No worries! At TOAIE we love style and comfort. Our jewelry is heavy in statement and light in weight.

With us you can enjoy your big statement earrings comfortably.

Our unique earrings are made with two different type of techniques: we have earrings with beads and earrings with knotted yarn, the last one is using a special macrame like technique to get the earrings into shape.


Are you looking for big statement beaded earrings?

Then our vibrant beaded earrings The Nomad and The Wanderer might be a perfect fit.

The star shaped earrings The Explorer and The Adventurer make a colorful statement with their stunning color combinations.

With the flower shaped earrings The Seeker and its subtle soft colors, you can add a bit of elegance to your style.

Our other statement earrings are cleverly knotted together with a vibrant colored yarn, matching perfectly with the gold plated hardware. The gold plating keeps the earrings light and comfortable, while the yarn gives you that vibrant colorful pop that you are looking for.

The Voyager earrings and The Pioneer are great for the ones who are looking for that tonal vibrant color. 

 The Great Vagabond and its little sister The Vagabond have a multi color design and radiate with joy. 

Pick your favorite color and design and enhance the spark from within!

Create that finishing touch

with our beaded bracelets and colorful necklaces 


Statement earrings is not all we have, the collection carries a variety of beautiful accessories. Complete your look with our handmade necklaces and bracelets. Stand out with our statement necklaces: unique and bold! The colorful necklace The Drifter is beautifully handmade with multicolored recycled glass beads. And for the bracelet lovers amongst us we have a special design: The Wanderer bracelet, inspired by its look-a-like earring counterpart. Dance all your troubles away while this passionate wanderer embellishes your wrist.


Mix & match and be inspired

by our extraordinary jewelry 


The earrings, bracelets and necklaces are truly matched and easy to combine because of the beautiful color combinations. Match for example the red Wanderer bracelet with The Wanderer earrings for a complete look. Or pop up your outfit with these yellow earrings and The Drifter necklace.

Because of its vibrant colors all our jewelry is a perfect festival match. Check out our statement earrings "The Voyager",

combine them with a extraordinary festival top and you are festival season ready!


Honest service and colorful jewelry:

we are here for you!


At TOAIE we value openness and honesty in everything we do.

With our transparancy we would like to give you the best experience and want to contribute to a honest society. This is something we do by producing our jewelry in an ethical manner and usage of good quality materials, making the jewelry last for a long time. 


The beads are made from recycled glass and give the jewelry that beautiful shimmer. Our yarns are polyester, which is of course a bad word in the current landscape, but this type of yarn is the only one that takes and keeps the deep vibrant color we are loving so much, next to that this quality needed for the finishing of our knotting technique. To make sure you enjoy your jewelry for as long as possible, I have put together some tips on how to best care for them.

Ordering from the TOAIE webshop is the easiest thing you can do, after we receive your order, our hips move into our little happy dance and we immediately take care of your order, so that you can fully enjoy your new jewelry as soon as possible. All our lightweight jewelry comes in a beautiful FSC certified paper jewelry box, which is the ultimate protection for your vibrant jewels. With the TOAIE giftcard you can easily gift our unique jewelry to someone else! 

And if you are more of an offline shopper, we have multilple options to come and visit us: check out our showroom, stores or pop-ups, where you always will be greeted with a smile!


✓ Stylish and comfortable, a light statement

✓ Handmade jewelry by Colombian artisans 

✓ Free shipping from 2 items 
✓ Showroom in Amsterdam

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