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Lightweight on the ears, heavy on the statement. That is true for all our TOAIE Treasures.

The beads used on The Wanderer, The Explorer & The Adventurer are made from recycled glass. Some of them have a light shimmer, others are solid and vibrant, but none of them are heavy.


The pins on The Explorer & The Adventurer and the hooks on The Wanderer are stainless steel with a special

anti-allergic finish. All earrings have been wear-tested and no one experienced an allergic reaction.  


The vibrant colours are what make these earrings so special. The yarn used on The Vagabond, The Great Vagabond, The Voyager and The Pioneer is a polyester yarn, which makes it possible to get the deep colour we all love! 


All of the above travelers are using lightweight brass hardware with a gold plaiting, which gives that luxurious shimmer, that pops out the yarn colours even more.

This lightweight hardware is what we know and absolutely love, or better yet, which keeps our earlobes comfortable throughout our shining moment! 

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