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Love at first sight: A personal checklist into finding the right piece of ear candy


For those of us with a deep appreciation for statement earrings, like myself, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting the perfect piece of ear candy.


First and foremost, it's all about that instant connection. That true love at first sight. If you don't feel a spark of attraction right from the start, it's probably not meant to be. While this may not apply to every aspect of life, when it comes to decorating your ears, first impressions are everything. Ask yourself: does this statement earring captivate me with its beauty?


Secondly, let's talk about comfort. Sure, a pair may look stunning, but if they weigh you down, it's simply not worth it. When it comes to your ears, it should all be about comfort. Gone are the days when we tolerate discomfort for the sake of beauty. That's why every pair of TOAIE earrings is designed to be as light as a feather, ensuring your lobes stay happy and carefree.


Next up, materials matter—especially for those with sensitivities. It goes without saying that all TOAIE earrings are nickel-free. But beyond that, understanding the composition of your earrings is essential. This knowledge not only ensures longevity but also guides you in providing the necessary care to preserve their beauty.


Does the color complement you? Consider how the earrings interact with your skin tone and hair color. Then it is how you want to wear them. Do they make a bold statement, popping against your features and outfit? Or do they blend in seamlessly, letting their size and materials do the talking? Some days call for that extra burst of energy, with earrings that steal the show. Other times, a subtler approach feels just right, blending in with your outfit, complementing it.


Don't overlook the importance of price. It's tempting to be drawn in by a deal or feel intimidated by a significant price tag. If all the criteria mentioned earlier align, it can help put the price into perspective. But remember, quality always outweighs quantity. Each of these statement pieces is personally selected by you, reflecting your unique style and appreciation for craftsmanship.


With this checklist in hand, may you find your perfect match—the cherished piece of ear candy that speaks to your soul. But like any true love, remember, you can only hold onto a few at a time. Choose wisely and wear them with pride.

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