One of the most inspiring women I have met during my travels through Colombia is Luz Maria. She is part of an indigenous tribe of Colombia, who get their inspiration from symbols of nature, like the rivers, the sun and the mountains. Luz Maria has a great eye for detail and an impressive feeling for colour. She is the creator of the Wanderer and leads the team of women, who put their passion in making them by hand.


Another strong and one of the kindest women I have met is Ady. She is leading a team of 7 incredibly creative women and 1 awesome man, who are the driving force behind the Voyager, the Vagabond and the Nomad. Their first job is their family and this is what Toaie wants to support. A shout out to all the grandmothers, mothers & family caretakers who have made this collection come to life!



Jesus is part of another indigenous tribe of Colombia. They are a true community and like in a true family, they take care of each other. Their creativity is what binds them and everyday they are busy with creating, from paintings until crafts by hand. They have brought the Adventurer and the Explorer to life and you can see their passion and powering energy shining through in each of the designs.