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Capturing Vibrance: A Personal Journey into the World of Colorful Handmade Jewelry


At the core of what we do is a simple mantra: the bolder the color, the better. That's the spirit that drives our brand, especially when we're talking about our collection of colorful handmade jewelry.


Think of your outfit as a blank canvas, just waiting for that pop of vibrancy. Our handmade jewelry isn't just an accessory; it's that bold brushstroke that lights up any look. Adding a burst of color through our vibrant pieces isn't just a style move—it's a statement. After all, TOAIE means ‘to embellish’ in Frisian and that's exactly what we're here for.


What makes our handmade jewelry so awesome? It's a game-changer without the need for a complete wardrobe revamp. Switch up your accessories, and boom! You've got a whole new vibe going on. It's a sly tweak that packs a punch, giving you the freedom to express your style with a bit of flair.

And let me tell you about crafting those perfect color combinations – it's a process I absolutely love. Usually, I'm right here in Amsterdam, surrounded by a few images and yarn cards I received from the artisans when we started this creative journey together. But last year took the cake – I got to assemble the new collection right where it all begins, in the ateliers of the Colombian artisans.


Picture this: it's like being in a candy store, only this time, the candy isn't sweet; it's vibrant, expressive, and anything is possible. There I was, amidst all the colored yarns and beads you can possibly imagine. Sitting on the floor, handpicking the color combinations that are now shining in our webshop today. Doing it straight from the ateliers was a joy, a special moment that left a mark as impactful as the colors themselves.


While chatting with Denis – she's one of the artisans we collaborate with – she shared her craving for vibrant colors. The more vibrant, the better according to her. Some of the choices I made didn't quite align with her preferences. You see, I design with a keen eye for the European market, where overly vibrant combinations might not always hit the mark. Nonetheless, there are plenty of lively choices in the mix, and it's a dream of mine to see more colors brightening up the streets of Amsterdam, for example.


Now, let's talk about your go-to color combos. Ready to shake things up a bit? Dive into the world of vibrance, add a splash of color to your outfit, and let your style do the talking. Our handmade jewelry isn't just an accessory; it's your ticket to a world where every shade has a story, and vibrance is the secret sauce to unlocking a more dynamic, expressive you.

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